The Quest

I was trying out a new app called Fabulous. Can't remember where I heard about it. Maybe it was just recommended to me at the Play Store.

Anyway, it appears to be a habit training app, but with a nice story feel to it. I get a little skeptical of these types of apps because often they just slap on a layer of story or inspirational theme that's not well done but just enough to be a gimmick to promote the app. However, this one appears like it might be better. I decided to go ahead and give it a try. It does require a subscription eventually.

This made me think about my overall quest to create a website or app or methodology or whatever that inspires people to make positive changes. I do think something that shapes a story based around the user to give them inspiration would be helpful for a lot of people. And I've always thought that giving people a background soundtrack as they do things would also help. I wish technology were better to make this easier. Like an easier link and more convenient link to the online world. Things are getting there, but they don't feel fast enough.

I want to create something that lets the person view their progress as a story. It would reimagine their tasks and obstacles and such as elements of a fantasy story. They could view their history as a sort of fantasy map. Maybe it would even generate automatic videos with epic music that give highlights of their progress and tell their story in an exciting way.

This is part of why I think I should focus on learning skills related to writing and art and anything creative. This might help me for when the time comes and the technology is available to make my quest possible to fulfill.