Bullet Journal 2021-06-19 Saturday

  • Told Constantyne how chatting with him is complicated
    • Not sure exactly how to explain what I mean by that
    • He replied wondering how it's complicated
    • Not sure how to reply back
    • Still thinking about it
    • Partly to do with our separate lives now
    • Partly to do with our past
    • Partly to do with how we aren't involved in a game together now
    • Partly to do with the topics on world affairs that tend to come up between us
    • Again, not sure what I mean to say 🙂
  • Haven't played Alchemy Stars again yet
    • Still do want to play
    • Feel like waiting for better time when I can relax and play
    • Maybe too many other things now
  • Chatting with Miach was nice
    • She helped me through a bit
    • Suggested I talk with professional about my anxiety
    • I had considered seeking an online therapist
  • I loathe J! 🤯
  • Still want to write about the many things I relate to in Oathbringer
  • Wondering if Vulgard still reads my blog once in a while


  1. that emote killed me, this one 🤯
    never knew this thing exist

    1. Haha yeah, I found it while browsing through emojis for the one that fit 😀


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