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Bullet Journal 2022-07-13 Wednesday

Getting pushed to my breaking point Working on holding out Almost to the finish line for this stage Then new stage begins Haven't checked Discord for many days now Can't take any more inputs Though wish I could talk with someone Reading Sunreach by Brandon Sanderson Not quite as riveting as the full novels, but still enjoyable

Bullet Journal 2022-07-05 Tuesday

Past midnight so guess I'll set this for next day Hectic schedule lately Preparations for moving Get togethers with family Running errands and helping others Still feel so bad that I'm avoiding social interactions I really want to say something Getting harder and harder to come back Realize I like the simple interactions with people from FoL Sometimes I do wish I could talk more with someone though Watched Top Gun: Maverick Enjoyed it a lot Simple story with human emotions and interactions Good story of fighting against the odds Sometimes simple is good Playing Diablo 3 recently Again, simple fighting against hordes of monsters Love my wizard character Love her voice and personality