Bullet Journal 2021-06-24 Thursday

  • Miach invited me to a Discord server she created
    • Ibeji from War of Genesis is there
  • Signed up as backup for couple FoL games
  • Making good progress on Project SV
  • Apprentice returned
    • Apologized for Fortified Tower 3 game
    • Overwhelmed with IRL issues
  • Foster still hasn't responded to my friend request on Discord
  • Ups and downs with SINoALICE
    • New guild Senate lost GC yesterday
    • Won GC today although it had looked unwinnable
    • Losing some members, including our leader Spinal
    • He needs to move to another time slot due to difficulties attending with this schedule
    • Cerpin taking over leadership
    • Game more fun recently
    • Hopefully guild will move forward okay
    • Even so, I can probably find new guild easily