FoL Annual Mash ended

The FoL Annual Mash (FAM) game ended at FoL. The wolves won. I'm reading lots of back and forth about the reasons, but basically 2 strong players were allowed to deep wolf. I've been reading through various comments to see what I can learn. I especially like the analysis from players like Vulgard and Solic.

I sent a DM to Chloe thanking her for the flavor she did for my rolecard.

She replied back with a sweet message that inspires me even more. 😀

Here are the previously unpublished posts I did for the game. I kind of feel like saying more, but not exactly sure where to start right now. I'll see if I get the chance later.


  1. quite ironic that people from FoL like you is supporting each other whilst having "Lies" in the name
    and I feel a bit comfortable now that you're using something else besides this emote "🙂" in discord

    1. Ahhh yes, there is indeed irony in that. Or maybe people who deal day to day openly with "lies" have a better understanding of the precious nature of trust and support? I've been having thoughts relating to this recently. Also stuff from the book Oathbringer touches on this. There's a group in there that uses lies and illusions regularly, but make personal progress by facing truths.

      Oh, and thanks. 🙂


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