About Me

Hi! My name is Whysper. I also go by the following names.
  • Cordylia Valerius
  • Psylent Knight
  • Valette Renoux
  • Whysper Kitsune
I'm a mixed Taiwanese/American girl who lives in Taiwan. I'm 35 years old and I'm lesbian. I love playing mobile games and watching anime. I enjoy reading philosophy, psychology, fantasy, and sci-fi. My profession is a secret. I'm still trying to determine my life's purpose.

This blog, Lost Whyspers, is an experiment I started as a release for my feelings and thoughts. I don't expect that my messages will be seen by many if at all. These are my lost whispers...

Age of Magic: Whysper#13BM
Arknights: Whysper#0931
Discord: Whysper#1313
Email: psylent.knight.13@gmail.com
EVE Online: Whysper Kitsune
Goodreads: Valette Renoux
Habitica: Whysper
Instagram: valette.renoux
Mobile Legends: 176541014 Whysper
MyAnimeList: Whysper13
SINoALICE: 236958637 Whysper
Twitter: RenouxValette


  1. And Im glad that I meet you my bestfriend siszy! :) hope you doing okay. Please stay safe wherever you are lead.

    See you, if have chance to meet you with cleez & kiara. Soonnnnnnnnnn

    1. Haha, I still can't believe you found my blog. That's cool that you did. I wish all the best to you, Cleez, and Baby Kiara. 😀


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