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Bullet Journal 2023-03-08 Wednesday

Replied to Sassy Messaged me on my birthday last month Sounds like she is going through struggles Feel bad that I didn't see the message sooner and reply Sounds like she wants to talk about her struggles Not sure I'm someone who can really help since I don't handle my own struggles very well However I do certainly understand the need to talk about things with people I don't do that very well myself though Replied to Shade Really has been too long since I said anything He was kind to message me I do see that he's been streaming on Twitch most nights Someday maybe I'll drop in and watch while he's live Worked on getting done with a number of little tasks Feels good Reading less than usual Think I need to get into a novel again Playing Marvel Snap and Othercide lately Still don't think I'm ready to play Forum Mafia again

Bullet Journal 2023-03-02 Thursday

Longer I stop writing, the harder it is to get back into it Thought about writing something in long form, but going to stick with this bullet journal for the time being Reading Things That Matter lately Really loved reading Tress of the Emerald Sea recently Written by Brandon Sanderson and part of the Cosmere Started playing Marvel SNAP Cool to play in short bursts Also started playing Othercide Cool theme and atmosphere Finished with Project CT recently