Bullet Journal 2021-06-28 Monday

  • FoL Annual Mash ended
    • Need to publish previous posts and then maybe say something overall
  • Joined SFoL 67 game on FoL
    • Originally I signed up as backup
    • They just needed one more signup, so I joined
    • Player list seems to lack strong players
    • Some players I don't recognize
    • Going to involve lots of mech to figure out
    • Could be a good opportunity for me
  • SINoALICE undergoing lots of changes for 1st anniversary
    • Some nice additions
    • They are giving away more crystals and pull chances
    • I feel somewhat excited about direction game is taking
  • Gabethebabe posted interest check for Smaug's Lair variation of Fortified Tower
    • I like the theme changes he made
    • Seems like there will be interest on POG 2+2
    • Funny how he said I tricked him into joining the game on FoL 😀