Bullet Journal 2021-06-07 Monday

  • Considering whether to offer to join SINcerity for next GC
    • Raffounz clarified that disbanding was just a possibility
    • They are still trying to recruit replacements for me and a few others
    • GC is sooner this time because Pokelabo messed up last month's
  • See that Cyber Era is very similar to Guns of Glory
    • Going to be difficult to keep up power in long run
  • Need to organize my plans for this week
  • Pondering my procrastination with FM training
    • Think I might be feeling inadequate to the task
    • See Vulgard and Marshal and others doing such wonderful jobs with read lists
    • They have so much to say about their reads
    • Very smart and logical
    • I don't know that I can ever reach that point
    • I need to be quicker and smarter
    • I need more confidence
    • I know that practice helps build confidence, but still long way to go
  • Need to procure new laptop soon