Bullet Journal 2021-06-03 Thursday

  • Getting urge to write here more often
    • Not sure if just a way to avoid other things 🙂
    • Still probably better than other distractions
  • Feeling less likely to play SINoALICE later
  • Signed up for Community FM game on FoL
    • Pretty sure role based on me will involve emoji 🙂
    • People probably won't take the game too seriously, so should be fine if not much time
  • Thought about using mapping tool to map out life path
    • Found lots of cool mapping tools when working on FBR
    • Might be inspirational to have map to view
  • Continued using Fabulous app
  • Started spreadsheet for distractions
    • Added Age of Magic, SINoALICE, and RPGs