Community FM 3 D1

It's D1 for the Community FM 3 game at FoL. I posted a single message so far, but that's it. It was kind of a slower time in the thread and only a few people around. No one really took notice of me. WindwardAway did like my post. She does that often, and it feels nice.

Anyway, I did go through posts today and start to note down reads. I've been using the percentages and then giving plus or minus percentages based on various things I see. I've been trying to keep short notes on how much and for what I'm adjusting a percentage. This will be good for me to do in the long run.

I'm preparing to post something about what I've done so far, but for some reason I feel nervous about checking the thread again. I just hate how some people jump on others for almost anything. I know I shouldn't let it bother me anymore, but it still does. Maybe I'll never get completely use to it. I'm this way about any type of confrontation in general. I can be tough at times, but I still feel nervous about starting. I wish I could just flip a switch. In some ways, I have been getting better at switching personalities. But it still isn't quite so simple as flipping a switch. Maybe one day it will be. Again, this reminds me of Shallan in the Stormlight Archives.