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Bullet Journal 2022-06-29 Wednesday

Why do I hide? Because I'm afraid of interactions I get overwhelmed by all the possible issues that might come up Which experience has told me often happens And unexpected things especially, things I hadn't even considered Then I have to scramble to figure out what to do Though often in the end it wasn't a big deal Yet I get tired of having my little world disrupted How can I actually thrive on disruption? Considering how to establish good habits and routines after moving Big changes like this are good time to shift things around Not reading as much lately Really should find more time for that Talked with Chloe about FoL suggestion for keeping non-players and dead players from accidentally posting in game threads She laughed because she had just been talking with Orange about the same idea Good to hear that they are working on this already Thankful that the mods continue to keep things running

Bullet Journal 2022-06-24 Friday

Kind of depressed today Find that often happens when my plans keep getting derailed by others Well, others who are demanding and unappreciative Otherwise I don't mind taking time out to help Arete wrote a kind "thank you" comment to me on Breadbox Made my day 🙂

Bullet Journal 2022-06-23 Thursday

Felt I was in the underworld for about a week or so Finally fighting my way out of there Still haven't found the will to get back to all socializing Find myself still wanting to limit my inputs Reading  Yes to Life: In Spite of Everything by Viktor E. Frankl Author of Man's Search for Meaning , which was a great book He's the psychiatrist who was a prisoner in the Nazi concentration camps Still playing Diablo Immortal, though not as much time to do so Considering buying and playing Diablo 3 Can play as wizard in there, too 🙂

Bullet Journal 2022-06-15 Wednesday

Extremely busy with projects last few days Avoiding Discord and most social interactions Afraid to return now Started playing Diablo Immortal recently Playing mobile version since having trouble getting PC version right now Think release is delayed in Taiwan Liking this game better than Lost Ark Actually feel interested in the storyline Love the voice acting, especially for my wizard character Find myself wanting to listen to everything and not skip like I often do in other games Guy on Fiverr delayed on FoL Archive search project Said he's been busy with his regular work lately

Bullet Journal 2022-06-09 Thursday

Think my account may have been banned on Lost Ark Now says it can't authenticate from my current location Shows dialog with Appeal button that goes to web page talking about appealing bans May be able to appeal ban after moving to US Though not sure if I'd want to bother Wonder what they'd do about character if person does move to new country with different server locations Might be for the best since I was becoming uninterested in playing Glad I didn't continue to spend much money on it Finished reading Starsight yesterday Truly awesome series! So much I want to talk about with this series Reading Defending Elysium next, which is a prequel to the series Understanding others Recurring theme in my life Something I strive towards

Bullet Journal 2022-06-04 Saturday

Up and down again might be the best way to summarize recent days Still, I don't want to complain because I know things could be much worse Continuing to read Starsight Loving where things have turned since the 1st book Amazed as always by Brandon Sanderson Trying to keep up with chats Know that I still need people Glad people can put up with me 🙂 Still feel somewhat lost Not sure of what's best to focus on Just doing little things here and there that I know will help no matter what Restarted project VA Feel more hopeful Looking for opportunities to really focus on it