Bullet Journal 2021-06-05 Saturday

  • Uninstalled SINoALICE
    • Feeling the temptation, so forced myself to remove it
    • When I think about it logically, there's no good reason to keep it
    • Small benefit of being part of guild and needed does not outweigh all the negatives
    • I can find fellowship elsewhere
  • Progressing some in Arknights
    • Finally able to play CC
    • CC so difficult
  • Need to ask Jane about FBR tool
  • Feeling slightly depressed
    • Slightly lonely too
    • Feeling a bit lost
    • Should work on small steps only
  • Not as interested in playing GWENT recently
  • Not sure if I should play Wild Rift
    • Still not happy about the customer support
    • Checked and still can't access shop
  • Thinking about Dragon Raja
    • Still want to make video of my character
    • Probably should uninstall after that
  • Foster removed me as a Discord friend?


  1. CC is made to challenge players and to make them use their irl sanity in order to clear their desired number of risk. It will drive you insane, yes.

    1. Yeah, I figured it would be challenging. But I thought I'd at least be able to do the first 1 or 2. 🙂 I pushed to get through chapter 2 just to try CC out, but now I don't think I'll bother with it. Haha. Also I'm so confused by all the options.


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