SFoL 67 N0

It's N0 for the SFoL 67 game at FoL. The game was suppose to start already, but had to be reranded since Leafia accidentally posted their rolecard when posting another message. That's okay with me. I randed town both times. And my 2nd rolecard is actually more interesting. 😀

This is a Prestige class, so I think that means more powerful in general. Though with the dead chat, this means my nights won't really be a break away from the game. But I think that's fine for this. I'm kind of excited. 😀

This player list is interesting. Not really any expert players as far as I can tell. A few I don't know yet. And a couple that could be problematic as usual. Haha. 😀 Problematic because they are either hard to read or they sway very easily and might just jump at tunneling town players for little things. We'll see how it goes. I hope there will be at least a few players who can engage in reasonable discussions.