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Bullet Journal 2022-08-15 Monday

Taiwan situation getting intense China continuing to amplify their threats Weird when Americans say I must be relieved to have gotten out of Taiwan Naturally I'm personally relieved to not go through that directly However, I have friends and family still in Taiwan who I worry about Almost feel guilty for being away now Of course, any groups with old or new Chinese friends here completely ignore talking about the situation Feel rather tired Probably need more sleep Just also tired from not really getting a chance to relax yet Though things are getting better and there is light at the end of the tunnel Miach contacted me again I really need to get back to her soon For some reason still not feeling ready for deeper conversations Haven't listened to music as much lately Also still need to get back into reading more regularly

Bullet Journal 2022-08-11 Thursday

Life is starting to go a bit more smoothly Getting use to living in this new place Good news recently for my finances Still considering whether ready to join Forum Mafia game Not sure I can have the focus yet Haven't checked Discord for a few days again Not sure why I keep avoiding it I suppose just to limit inputs Feel like I still need to sort through my life Feel positive about this though

Bullet Journal 2022-08-03 Wednesday

Starting to get some breathing space after moving back to US Trip itself went well and without any major issues Extremely busy since getting here Going to still be busy in months ahead Trying to sort out everything and take things step by step Preparing to open Discord for first time in awhile Kind of worried about that for some reason Yet also look forward to getting back into my social circles Joined EIMM misc game on FoL Originally just planned to be backup for in case they needed it They immediately let me take over Geyde's slot since he had to drop out Game hasn't actually started yet Not exactly sure I understand how this is going to work, but should be less effort than regular FM game Interesting to read about Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan now Need to get back into reading Also need to start listening to music again