RPG for therapy or self-improvement

Oh, an idea just popped into my head while working on chores. I was thinking about how RPGs played as a group could be used for IRL therapy and self-improvement. The group of players and the DM work together to help each other deal with IRL issues through the story. Or to work on self-improvement goals.

Any IRL events would be shaped to be part of the storyline. Each player could update the DM on things happening in their life, and the DM can try to incorporate these into the storyline. The RPG could be played in sessions with a certain overarching goal to help a particular person with a major issue. But then any other IRL events could add to the story for other characters.

I'm not sure how well this would work out. It would definitely require the right type of people. The DM would need to be trained in some therapy techniques. But I could envision something like this being a great way for people to work together on IRL issues while also having some fun roleplaying. For some people, discussing an issue through roleplaying might be the only way to handle things.

An app of some sort could be designed to help the process. Maybe it would prompt players for IRL events and then ask particular multiple choice questions to help refine the story. Then it could offer the DM options for the storyline.

Players could rate each other and the DM for how well they participated and helped each other. Then players and DMs with higher ratings would be promoted more or have more abilities or things along those lines. The app could help with grouping players together by balancing experience and needs and such.

This could also be used for groups of people seeking self-improvement goals rather than therapy for issues. Working on creating a mutual story that supports each other would be a nice boost for some people. Oh, and maybe incorporating some sort of automated mapping for the journey that can be viewed as a reminder like I was thinking about before. Sometimes a person needs something visual with maybe a background soundtrack to help inspire them to continue.

I feel like this could be something special. But I have no idea how to proceed with this. I guess writing this here for now is a start at least. I'll see where this goes.