Bullet Journal 2021-06-15 Tuesday

  • Feel kind of stuck again
    • Though I've made some progress on thoughts for future
    • Need to keep pushing
  • Reading through games on FoL makes me even more eager to train for FM
    • Especially like what I read from Eevee
    • Might consider studying Eevee more
    • Might ask him questions
    • Keep wondering how much to believe in reads and statements from other players
    • Also think Marshal and Vulgard are good players to study
    • Wondering about SDA
    • Possibly better than I use to think
    • Players from other sites are interesting to read as well
    • Players like Helz and DkKoba
  • Still have professional tasks to handle
  • Still have habits to develop
  • Think maybe I need to give attribution for images used here
    • Not sure how to best do that
    • Should I go back to previous posts?
  • SINoALICE became more fun recently with new guild Senate
    • Nice feeling again of helping to build up guild
    • Not sure how long this will last
    • Still miss old days with SINcerity
  • Haven't been playing GWENT
  • Arknights has become mostly a chore again
    • Need to find chance to play new scenarios again


  1. lmao, if Arknights is like a chore, then Grandblue Fantasy is more like slavery


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