Bullet Journal 2021-06-25 Friday

  • Connected with some FoL people on Discord
    • Apprentice, ATNoName, and Simon
    • Not sure Simon actually plays FM, but they are the owner of the LGBT server everyone uses
    • Chatted with ATNoName a bit
  • Recently bought the outfit for Weedy in Arknights since it looked cute
    • Realized afterwards that I actually didn't have Weedy yet 😀
    • Never tried to roll for her during last banner cause I didn't like her original look much 😀
    • Hopefully I'll get her sometime in the near future
    • Bought skins for Saria and Firewatch just now


  1. her summon is a Nutcracker Soldier too

    1. Oh, I didn't realize she summons. That's cool. 😀


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