Bullet Journal 2021-06-02 Wednesday

  • Another replacement needed for RWBY game on FoL
    • Considered taking the spot, but looks like someone already took it
    • Still not sure if I really have the time
  • Keep getting tempted to find guild in another time slot in SINoALICE
    • Could be exciting to start with new group
    • However in long-run I still probably shouldn't play
    • Need to force myself to stay away from game for at least 1 week
  • Tried out beta for Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier
    • Battle royale game set in FF7 world
    • Intro was quite fun
    • Could see this being fun to play
    • Not sure if I want to put much time into the beta
    • Should I wait for live release?
    • Still tempted to play anyway
    • Like how it adds magic and monster fighting to BR