Zharra says there's room in Lemon Gang now!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention this. Zharra, my friend from Age of Magic, just PM'd today to ask if I'm ready to join her clan, the Lemon Gang. I hesitated for a moment because I was wondering if I preferred the Moon Alliance I'm in now. It's actually an alliance of quite a few different clans. The leaders have been good people, but the group isn't all that talkative. Still, I had been wondering if it might be better to stay with them.

I haven't liked some of the coarse language I've seen on the Lemon Gang Discord server. Seems like they use bad language on a regular basis and for no good reason. But they are definitely more talkative. And I remembered that Zharra was a primary reason for me to return to Age of Magic. So I figured I should join her clan and see how it goes. Maybe the coarse language will be fine.