End of BotF VI

So the Blood on the Forums VI: Monsta Jam game on FoL ended already. I was executed as Saint, which gives town an automatic loss. Haha, no one believed me when I revealed my true role after replacing into the slot. 😃 Though I found out later that the player I thought most possible to convince, Marshal, was actually one of the evil minions. And PKR, who was supporting me and trying to get people to let me live, was also an evil minion. He was pretending to support me while also acting wolfy, thus making town people not believe him. I remember feeling grateful that he was helping despite the fact that it seemed like he was making things worse. 😃

Anyway, luckily App, who had my slot before, was okay. Originally it looked like the game really got to him and that he was super frustrated. He later said it wasn't quite as bad as he may have made it seem. He appreciate everyone being nice to him.

Pigeon said a nice thing. He noticed that I replaced into a lot of games and said that if there was an annual award for replacements, I should get it. I didn't expect a comment like that to come from him. 😃 Also, people did appreciate that I replaced into that slot despite it being a disaster. Haha. 😃

That reminds me that I was considering replying to some recent discussions about player awards. I still feel like saying something and may still do so. Hopefully it won't feel too late after the main discussion already took place.