Bullet Journal 2021-02-12

Here are my quick thoughts for February 12, 2021.

  • Another day of the Chinese New Year.
  • My birthday will be tomorrow. I'll be 35. Oh, getting older... 😒
  • Joined Discord for ZeroBooks app for reading Japanese light novels.
  • Started reading Classroom of the Elite Vol. 1, the first in a light novel series I found out about on the ZeroBooks Discord. I looked at a few series I found mentioned, then was interested in the first chapter of this one where it talked about inequality and society and such.
  • Lunar Festival event started in Age of Magic. I'm debating whether to do a clan event to give out the Maedb skin available for gifting.
  • Trying to decide on a new profile pic. Considering using my real pic during my birthday. Haha. 😃


  1. Yeah... since the title totally implies that they're "elites" or so I think. And happy birthday!

    1. Yeah, it is a school that is supposedly for the elite, but the students soon discover there's a bit of a catch 😃

      And thanks for the birthday wish! 😃


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