Bullet Journal 2021-02-20 Saturday

  • Joined Grand Colo for SINoALICE
    • Our guild lost, but we played rather well against the odds
    • Found out guild won yesterday's GC in exciting game
    • Played SINoALICE quite a bit to catch up on recent missions
    • Felt good to play
  • Played GWENT some more
    • Doing well with my Elf deck
    • Want to continue playing
  • Feeling good about today
  • Considering Bullet Journal method
    • Migration step each month meant to cause friction moving undone tasks
    • Forces you to pause and consider whether task is worth doing
    • Don't want to use analog journal, but maybe causing friction moving tasks can still achieve this
    • Possibly find way to make it necessary to migrate each task once in awhile