Time Travel 2 Mishmash D4

I'm sitting here eagerly awaiting the start of D4 for the Time Travel 2 Mishmash on POG 2+2. I received the n3 result as confirmedtroll is villager. Now I just need to post it quickly at the start of the day to make sure the info gets to everyone.

Previous day went okay. I think we are doing well overall. I can't remember if I mentioned this in the previous post, but I discovered that Kaze13 is my partner. He made a post naming the 2 players I chose for a peek and said they are villagers. He also said that I'm probably a villager, so he did notice how I indicated my result about VR.

I made a post with a list of all the clears from us and included him in there. He's been helping to push that list. I tried not to be too specific about how my role works because I don't want the wolves to know I have a partner. Just want them to have one target. Kaze13 was getting people to protect me if possible.