Bullet Journal 2021-02-18 Thursday

  • Returned from another trip
    • Trip went fairly well
    • Joined Grand Colo for SINoALICE while still on trip
    • Tee recognized my effort and nicely thanked me
    • Relieved to be back home
  • Helping [REDACTED] prepare for her speech
  • Searching for another Forum Mafia game
  • Resisted spending extra money on SINoALICE
  • Suggested blogging to Archer as a way to practice grammar and writing in general
  • Trouble with [REDACTED] again
    • [REDACTED] seems to be in a constant bad mood
    • Always looking for ways to criticize
    • I feel myself thinking bad thoughts
    • Need to work on not letting such things bother me so much
    • Want to be more stoic
  • Still feel like I want to do something with Stoic Mafia