Time Travel 2 Mishmash D2

It's D2 for the Time Travel 2 Mishmash on POG 2+2. EoD in about 25 minutes. This day was much better since quite a few people died and then the remaining players were split between West and East Berlin for the special historical scene. So a lot less posts to go through.

It was ironic that my partner picked VoraciousReader to peek N1. She's my friend and partner from the Baldur's Gate 2 game. I had known her alignment as town there, and now I know her alignment is town in this game. Cool. 😃 I mentioned that I received the info on VR and people seemed to pretty much accept it. That's good. I tried to play down my role, so hopefully the wolves won't try to kill me off overnight. I still need to choose who I'm going to peek this night. There were some people already chosen in an event for a peek, so I'll have to choose someone else.