Bullet Journal

I've done some quick summary lists a few times, and I think I'm going to continue with that. I'll call these posts Bullet Journal after the method with the same title. I don't know exactly what the method entails yet since I haven't finished reading the book about it, so maybe these will change in the future. For now, they will just be the quick summary lists of recent things on my mind.

  • Nearing end of the Your Turn To Die game on Forum of Lies.
  • Start of Chinese New Year week with today being Chinese New Year's Eve.
  • Noticing gender changes among FoL friends.
  • Still enjoying time with Lemon Gang clan for Age of Magic.
  • [REDACTED] from my old Mistborn clan asked me for one of the special limited-time skins in Mobile Legends. I'm actually tempted to block them.
  • Dealing with [REDACTED] is just really stressful.
  • Starting to use the term "[REDACTED]" to indicate that I had to remove private info. Got this from some of the games I've been playing.


  1. Guess I'm not "[REDACTED]" since I am [RETARDED]. And yeah, Mistborn got disbanded already, yes? Maybe they're kinda close to you? Or maybe they're trying to exploit a certain someone's kindness? Can't tell, either way the choice is up to you lol.

  2. Oh, I've decided that I'm not giving anything. But just deciding what the say if anything. 😃


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