YTTD: Chapter 1 main game (written 1/18/2021)

NOTE: This post was written 1/18/2021 but saved for publication after the game finished.

We are in the Main Game phase of chapter 1 for the Your Turn To Die game at Forum of Lies. We are now choosing the pool of people to move to the 2nd phase for the real vote on who to execute. There are certain special roles that make it somewhat strategic and requires social deduction.

There was a discussion earlier about how a big group of players decided they wanted to kill off Gorta, which they succeeded in doing. People were discussing the justification for doing that. I was particularly interested in Geyde's viewpoint, which I think matches mine the most. Basically he doesn't feel good about doing something like that, but he can see how making a policy kill like that could be considered justified. Gorta consistently slacks off in activity for the games he joins. He always says he's going to do more and joins almost every game, but he rarely actually does much. Then he complains a lot about various things.

I do feel sorry for the guy. And I usually tend to feel especially protective of underdogs. But I think it's true that he's been given more than enough chances and has shown that he doesn't care enough to do anything to change.