Time Travel 2 Mishmash D5

Well, I was day vigged D5 in the Time Travel 2 Mishmash on POG 2+2. But that's okay. I became vanilla last night after doing my final peek. It was a peek on a wolf, but that wolf was also killed overnight already, so my peek result didn't matter. It was actually probably good I was taken out. I wasn't completely cleared as villager from Kaze's flip. And I don't think I could do much else from here on out.

I've been chatting on the Discord server for the game. It's been fun chatting with Butterscotch/VR, my friend from the MU game. She's been playing WW since 2005. A lot of the players have been around for awhile. It's cool to hear about their long-term friendships. I would like to play with them more, but I was telling them that the POG 2+2 software is difficult to use. They understand and say that's driven away other players.

Anyway, I need to wait until the game is completely over before I can publish these posts. Hopefully village will win. It sounded like there's a good chance now.