Regrets are better multiplied

While I was preparing for bed tonight, I had a thought about regrets. They are much easier to cope with when multiplied. The more regrets I have, the less any particular regret affects me. Is that a good or bad thing? Seems rather bad from the initial sound of it, but it does work as an effective coping mechanism to an extent. Which may be the reason people often just continuing going downhill once they've started regretting things.

It also has the whole sunk cost fallacy going for it. Once a person has started gathering regrets, it already seems unlikely to overcome all of them, so it is easier to just stick with the status quo and continue down the current path. Otherwise, trying to change things means reviewing all existing regrets and coming to terms with them.

Regardless, I feel pretty sure that gathering more regrets is not a good approach in the long run. However, I kind of feel that subconsciously I've been letting things slide by as a way to say nothing really matters, so I don't need to feel guilty about my responsibilities. I need to aim higher.