Bullet Journal 2021-02-24 Wednesday

  • Zapier task for sending emails to Discord working nicely
  • Interesting discussion on FoL
    • Mainly concerning moderation
    • Also talk about team play awards
    • Feel like replying with my own thoughts
    • Might mention idea of player evaluations
    • Might mention game summary by Osie
    • Mentioned hosting games on Mafia Universe in future
  • Meeting for [REDACTED] went pretty well last night
  • WLOP Discord server had big changes
    • Tempted to apply as Blade (mod), but shouldn't
  • Contacted [REDACTED] about tax preparations
  • Replacement needed for BotF game on FoL
    • Tempted to offer to replace in even though I'm not backup
    • Getting close to 4k posts, so probably shouldn't