Thing Game - Joy Flavor D7

Oh man, I survived to D7 in the Thing Game - Joy Flavor game on Forum of Lies. It's now F3 (Final 3). LYLO (Lynch or Lose). I was kind of hoping I would be killed overnight so I wouldn't have to decide this. Haha. 😃 But I will take this as an opportunity for a challenge.

Windward was the NK. I think that makes sense. I had expected it to be either me or Windward. If EVO was wolf, I would have expected he'd kill me. Which is sort of why I'm kind of suspecting ATNo might be the wolf here. Even though I still don't find much towny about EVO. But I wouldn't think he'd leave me alive.

And looking back at ATNo, his actions could be seen as wolfy. I mean, the vote to tie the wagons for Appel and CRich looked so wolfy. It was only have he gave an explanation that seemed plausible that we started reevaluating him. And then his push on PKR and the flip as mafia made him look even better. But that could easily have been TMI. And I find it so odd that he keeps pushing that going after Gorta was the obvious next step and that any hesitation was suspicious. Obviously at least one town had hesitation and was justified in that.

I get the feeling that I'm going to be ML'd. I think the wolf is ATNo. And EVO does seem willing to consider ATNo as wolf, but I worry he's just going to go with voting me.