MR49 C3

It's C3 (Cycle 3) for the MR49 Luthadel game at 17th Shard. This game has combined day and night phases called cycles. Since there's no separate night phase, you have to prepare your action ahead of time before the cycle ends. I replaced into the game almost right away C1. My alignment is Villager and my role is Lurcher, which gives me the ability to protect someone. I can't self-protect and I can't protect the same player 2 cycles in a row.

Also, this is multiball and there are 2 separate Elim factions, Straff and Cett. Additionally, the Elims don't know all their teammates and they don't have any shared chat. Quite a disadvantage for them. Glad I'm not Elim this game. 😃 Actually I don't think I've rolled Elim yet at 17th Shard.

This game has a slower pace as usual compared to games at FoL. I guess that's a nice change of pace. Sometimes it can be frustrating when no one is doing much except for a few players. There's often a reluctance to execute players just for being inactive, but I also don't really want to execute players who are active and keeping the game alive unless they show a strong sign of being Elim.

The main PR for the Straff Elim faction was killed off by the Cett Elim faction C2. And now we already know the main PR for the Cett Elim faction and have him up for execution. He had been attacked last cycle but survived, so we knew he was either Thug or Mistborn (main PR). He was originally claiming Thug. But when the votes were piling on him, he then claimed Vin (our Mistborn). But then he slipped up when talking about his actions and has confessed that he's the Mistborn for the Cett Elim faction.

It's been frustrating seeing the logic for quite a few of the players. Quinn in particular seems to have a weird way of thinking. I've gotten use to Illwei, though.