Thing Game - Joy Flavor D4

It's now D4 in the Thing Game - Joy Flavor game on Forum of Lies. ATNo pretty much showed himself as a wolf by voting for CRich at the very end of D3 to tie the wagon with Appel. Then CRich was executed randomly and flipped as town.

Then early in D4, Appel decided to go with scum leaning ATNo just like everyone else did. I saw this as clearly a mistake in perspective. If she were town, then she could only assume ATNo was town and just made a stupid mistake. Because if ATNo were a wolf, he would have never made that vote just to save Appel. He would have seen the wagons as V/V and wouldn't have cared which died. I asked Appel to clarify her read on ATNo and she did indeed pretend to see him as scum like everyone else.

Windward and I saw through this. I made sure to declare that Appel is pretty much open-wolfing now. She tried to get out of it by making up possible scenarios that ATNo as wolf could do, but none made sense. She tried to shade me for my post by saying I'd been quiet and then suddenly pounced at a chance to scum read her after Windward's post. But I called her on this tactic. We had a bit of a back and forth, though I'm pretty sure I'm dealing with a wolf, so I'm taking a lot of it as fake.

Anyway, Appel is the likely execution today, and ATNo might be for tomorrow. We will still need to figure out the 3rd wolf and that will be tough. I'm guessing that either Windward or I will be the night kill target. I don't think the wolves have another suicide convert available, but that's still a possibility. Not sure how I'd feel about being converted. I would play my best in the new role, but it would be difficult.