Bullet Journal 2021-03-26 Friday

  • Continued listening to The Jordan B Peterson Podcast
    • S4 E10: Bret Weinstein
    • Stages of identity
    • Internet world has disrupted normal play stage for identity
    • People can more easily find like-minded people on Internet, so social feedback not as varied
  • Still have neck pain
    • Could be from computer usage
    • Trying to take more frequent breaks
  • Geyde was going to ask me to replace into game at FoL
    • Looks like there might have been an incident involving EVO and Eevee
    • Apparently resolved another way
  • Sent message to Mia
  • Nominated ATNoName for Best Town Performance for Thing Game - Joy Flavor
  • Thanked Pigeon and Min for their nominations
  • Friends wrote new blog posts