Bullet Journal 2021-03-29 Monday

  • Weekend went okay, though didn't get much work done
  • Learned term SCP on FoL
  • Chatted with Archer about difficulties learning Chinese and Japanese
  • Chatted with Foster
    • Talked about my past with my parents
    • Talked about his past summer with his crush
    • He gave me much better explanation of SCP
    • "It's basically this fandom that makes up horror stories based around the canon that there is a foundation build to control these anomalies"
    • He's familiar with Fate anime series
  • Eliminated in Coup game on FoL


  1. Replies
    1. whoops accidentally tapped "PUBLISH" anyways I love SCP-049, SCP-173 and SCP-106!

    2. Haha, why those ones? They almost sound like they might be references to creatures from other stories.


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