LG75 D3

Now it's D3 for the LG75 Alethi game at 17th Shard. For the NK, I had randomly chosen Archer. And it was interesting that later towards the end of the night, he posted about how he was prime NK candidate and also revealed that he was a Highprince. I considered switching the NK last minute, but then thought it would be best to leave it as the random choice already done. And now I think it worked out well.

There's been a lot of suspicion and finger-pointing at the start of this day. None has been on me or my partners yet. However, I did post about how Books looked suspicious for their vote on me. I need to start with this in case a wagon ever builds on them. I need to be seen starting the bus. I don't think the wagon will build up yet since there are others people find more suspicious. I think only TJ had suspicions of Books. And if for some reason I ever get executed, this will help Books look better long-term.

Books just replied back to me a bit ago, and I replied again. I thought about saying something in the Elim doc to assure him that this will be helpful. However, I don't want to mess with the flow of the conversation and want it to be as natural as possible.