Bullet Journal 2021-03-02 Tuesday

  • Friend Archer applied for internship
    • Says he hopes someday to work for leftist representative
    • Curious about his motivation
    • Not sure I should probe too much, don't want to offend
  • Need to reevaluate professionally
    • Figure out priorities for this year
  • Worried about my niece [REDACTED]
    • Doesn't seem to take priorities seriously
    • Unfortunately seems to make things worse to push her too much
    • Part of me thinks she needs to learn sooner than later, so maybe good to let her see the consequences of bad decisions
    • Can't help feeling guilty though
  • Want to do more reading
  • Met interesting person online named Foster
    • Said he found me on Discord through a gaming site
    • Likes playing indie games
    • Interested in Taoism and other philosophies
    • Mentioned Forum Mafia to him


  1. I don't mind explaining to you my motivations and why I believe that my actions will help out ordinary working-Americans.

    1. Ahh okay, good to hear. 😃 I'll chat with you sometime. Or perhaps read about it on your blog? 😃


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