Thing Game - Joy Flavor D5

It's now D5 in the Thing Game - Joy Flavor game on Forum of Lies. We successfully cuddled Appel D4 and she did flip as Mafia. Then earlier today it seemed like ATNo was next. However, he made an accusation against PKR and we questioned him a bunch on what happened with his vote. His story has been plausible, so we've come around to thinking he might be town. And looking closer at PKR, he does seem like a probable wolf. So now it's come around to where PKR will probably be cuddled at EoD. I feel fairly good about this, though not 100% certain. Haha, of course, I hardly ever am. 😃

I'm actually more concerned about finding the 3rd wolf. Though maybe I'll be the one killed tonight. Not sure. It probably should be Windward, but there's potential for either me or Uni. Or I suppose even ATNo. The problem is that anyone could be the target to make it look like a suicide convert occurred, thus putting everyone in the PoE again.

I've already had lingering doubts about Uni. He's been seeming to just go along with things. And sometimes he asks questions that almost seem geared towards pointing out that he isn't in scum chat. And recently I've noticed that Windward says a lot of the same things I post about. I guess it could just be that we mindmeld. But then I've also been wondering. Hmm...