Thing Game - Joy Flavor D6

D6 ended in the Thing Game - Joy Flavor game on Forum of Lies. Unfortunately we didn't get the last wolf. We cuddled Gorta, but he ended up being town. I was thinking his motivation to fight seemed too high. I was saying that it looked rather hopeless for him if he was the wolf. The wolves would have thought things were going rather well, and then suddenly lost two members two days in a row. But I really wasn't sure who else it would be. EVO seemed like a possible option, but ATNo seemed pretty certain EVO was town. And the part where EVO followed ATNo on voting for PKR right away D5 seemed to show that. If EVO were a wolf, he probably would have waited to see how Windward, Uni, and I would react to that vote.

Anyway, it's down to ATNo, EVO, Windward, and me. I've been trying to think of what scenarios might happen tomorrow. I almost wish I would be the NK so I didn't have to decide. 😃 But the only world I see that happening would be if EVO is the wolf. I think he'd worry that I'd vote him instead of either ATNo or Windward. Though maybe he'd just work on getting the other person to vote for me. That's possible. I do have a strong feeling that I'll survive and get pushed. But if I'm not the NK, then I think Windward most certainly should be unless they are the wolf. So if I see Windward survive along with me, I'll suspect them no matter who the other person is. I don't think either ATNo nor EVO would try to let Windward survive with an attempt to make them look like a powerwolf.