MR49 C5

It's C5 for the MR49 Luthadel game at 17th Shard. I was NK'd, so now I'm out of the game. Haha, good timing I suppose since I'm just starting the LG75 game. I found out from the dead doc that Illwei is actually a Straff Elim. Supposedly she thought I was on her team and voted me to test that out. If I was on her team, I couldn't have been killed by her. But if not, then I would die, which I did. 😃

Anyway, I guess the other 2 players I protected were also Straff Elim. And apparently there were 5 on each Elim team, which is way too much. There would only be 8 Villagers to start then. Everyone had been assuming only 3 per Elim team. And 4 might have been a possibility. But 5 is just ridiculous. I was originally thinking the Elims were at a disadvantage due to no chat, but with numbers like that, I think they have an advantage.