MR49 C4

It's C4 for the MR49 Luthadel game at 17th Shard. The conversation has really died down since Quinn was killed at the end of last cycle. I've pushed for executing Tani due to how she was trying to save Matrim even though he was an outed wolf. She insisted we should leave him to be killed by the Straff Elim team. We'd all already discussed this and gave reasons why it wasn't a good idea to leave a wolf alive to do harm. But she kept pressing, and it does look like a desperate attempt to keep Matrim alive even though she says she feels that way about any outed Mistborn Elim.

There was more I could do to show why she's likely Elim, but I won't press any further. Others have agreed to vote on her, and she seems to have mostly given up. No one is really saying much more. I'm not one to make idle chit chat, so I'm not saying anything further either. I'll check if anything changes tonight, but I'm pretty sure we are just waiting for the cycle to end and see what turns up.