Started Hello World


This contains spoilers for the anime Hello World.

I started watching the anime movie Hello World. I think I’m just over halfway done. Very interesting so far.

The idea of what is real has always fascinated me. I can’t help thinking that some people may view the main character’s future self as deluded in wanting to change the recorded memories to allow his girlfriend to live. It would seem pointless since those are just memories of what happened. It wouldn’t change the real situation. But I think I might do something similar if I was put in that situation. I think the memories are real as well. And just changing the virtual recording would make me feel better. To live through it virtually would be just as real.

Then there’s the other scary side of memories. I think some memories can never be washed away. One problem I have with Christianity and other religions with any idea of salvation in the afterlife is that I don’t see how it can ever justify some things that people go through. The memory of being raped or tortured, or watching a loved one go through those, would be too hard to bear. Even if everything was made okay by having a new, wonderful life, there would still be those memories. Or going the sci-fi route, there’s the idea that through time travel, we can go back and make things right. But something like rape or torture doesn’t just go away by changing the events that happened in time. It still happened, even if now in a lost timeline. Sometimes memories are more real than reality itself.

Well anyway, I look forward to watching the rest of Hello World. I do get a bad feeling about what might happen in the end, but I still have hope.