New home for Hallowed Crusaders

I had the impulse to reclaim the URL for the old website for Hallowed Crusaders, our guild in the days of Dark Age of Camelot and EverQuest.

I started with a basic website. I showed this to Constantyne, and we've been gradually remembering those days. I've been adding more and more to the website. He had shared with me a link to a Morgan Le Fay server photo album that was archived through the Wayback Machine. This gave me the idea to try seeing what was archived of our old website. Oh, I wasn't disappointed! There was some good stuff still there, including a guild roster and a logo banner (shown above). 😀

Now I've been thinking how this gives me the chance to fulfill my role as Cordylia the Minstrel by recording the history of our guild. I want to keep this website around to make it easier for other guild members to find out what's happened and to join us in remembering those days together. Ahhh memories. I've been feeling how important those are. Even a lot of the anime I watch recently touches on memories and how we interact with them.

As a small note, I've also been thinking how this ties in with my love of Saber from Fate. I relate with how she was always thinking back to her days in Camelot.