Feel like I'm at a crossroads

I feel like I'm at a crossroads now with many paths radiating outward. I don't know which way to go.

Sometimes I do just feel like giving up. I have to put up with so much negativity each day. Sometimes it just feels like such a burden to handle. Why fight it? Why try to help out where it looks like people aren't so enthused about the help? Sometimes I feel like my efforts just go to waste.

The Habitica experiment is so-so. I guess it is fine as far as individual tracking. But the group involvement seems bland. I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting, but I certainly had hoped for more activity. Oh well.

I'm not sure whether to go forward much with plans in the Mistborn Clan and Mobile Legends. Only a few people are really doing much on the Discord server. And after taking a break from playing recently, I don't feel so enthused about starting again. I'm actually considering trying out Dragon Raja or Age of Magic again to see how those feel. Dragon Raja has a lot of new features that might be fun to try out. And I really loved the graphics and play style. I think Age of Magic has recent changes as well, and I miss the teamwork involved with raids and Clan Wars.

Or maybe I need to focus more on other things. So much to do in other parts of my life. Maybe it is best to limit gaming. Arknights is getting a bit dull with the farming required. I really hate farming in games. At least Age of Magic made it quick and easy to farm.

Maybe I need to use leisure time more for watching anime or reading books. I do love good stories. They really draw me in and help me forget about this world for a bit.