Started events with rewards in Habitica

Well, I guess I couldn't help myself. 😀 I checked with the leader of our anime group in Habitica and got approval to start up some events with gem rewards. I just feel like doing something to help bring more activity and conversation to the party.

For the first event, I kept it simple. I just suggested that people post their progress on watching anime or reading manga or light novels. After a few days, I'll randomly choose one of the participants to receive enough gems to buy a background for their character.

So far I've seen a couple posts. We already had a few more active people, but I hope this will get more people to say something. And I've been trying to spur a little more conversation on anime I've seen people mention or that were on their anime list from MyAnimeList. And just bringing up this website got a couple people interested already. Cool! 😀