Mwahaha! Time for executions...

Well, it is the time for executions. Mwahaha!

I've taken screenshots of those who saw and those who reacted to my recent posts in the Mistborn group on Facebook. I'm going to go through my spreadsheet and mark off the names. From looking at the numbers, I anticipate that nearly half the people in the group didn't see or didn't respond to the poll. I may just directly eliminate those from the group.

Then for the remaining members, I'll post another request to join Discord. This time I'll emphasize that they need to join to participate in any future Mistborn events. I may not even need to implement my plan for Mistborn Knights just yet. We'll see. Perhaps I'll make all the members who made this initial move to Discord into Knights. Then anyone who comes in the future can still join as a Mistborn, but would need to be approved as a Knight.