Finally reached Legend!

Oh, I forgot to post something yesterday about finally reaching Legend again in Mobile Legends. This was mostly through playing with my friends Sassy and Cleez during last nights. I do hope I'll be able to play again during the daytime sometimes so that I can play with other friends. All in all, I'm having fun playing ML despite the occasional setbacks and toxic players.


  1. Hi lead, How are you? You are too busy.

    Please let us play again with Cleez :)

    1. Hi Sassy! Wow, you found my blog. 😀

      Yeah, I've been busy with other stuff. It was fun to play ML again with you both. Unfortunately, it became difficult to keep playing late nights. And if I want to play a game of ML during the day, I need to guarantee 30 minutes of uninterrupted time, which is hard for me to do. So I've been playing other games that are easier to play on the side once in awhile.


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