Just Cause

I was listening to an episode of the Bookworm podcast where they were discussing the book Infinite Game by Simon Sinek. The book has a discussion on something the author calls Just Cause. It sounds like a sort of life mission. Here's an excerpt from Wikipedia about Just Cause:

A Just Cause is what gives our work (or that of an organization) meaning. It is the world we hope to build and what inspires us to keep playing the infinite game. A Just Cause must be:

For something—affirmative and optimistic
Inclusive—open for all to contribute
Service oriented—for the benefit of others
Resilient—able to endure change
Idealistic—big, bold and ultimately unachievable

A Just Cause is not our Why. Why is our origin story, who we are, our values and beliefs. A Just Cause is our vision of the future.

This got me into thinking about what my Just Cause would be. I do like the term. I think it would be something like "helping people improve" or "reducing the suffering of people" or something along those lines. I need to think about this some more. It should probably be more specific. I would like to have a Just Cause that I can refer to. This might also help me in making decisions about where to invest my time and energy.

Hmmm, I started thinking about how Dragon Raja interestingly talks a lot of easing the suffering of others. There's a mini-game called Tick Tock in which you go around helping people, sometimes just letting them discuss their problems. I think they refer to you as a Stress-Relief Knight or something like that. Haha, sort of a silly name, yet I like it. And in the superstar career path, the various mentors seem to talk about how your performance is a way to help others by possibly giving them answers to the questions or problems they have in their personal lives. Fascinating how a game like this actually has something to teach.

I suppose we all put on a performance of sorts as we take on different roles in life. We should use that performance to help and enlighten others. Maybe I need to think more from this perspective about my performance. Hmmm...