Surrounded on all sides

Oh man, I feel like I'm surrounded on all sides by people clamoring for my attention. Real life and online life. It is getting more and more difficult to handle all the inputs. But I must stay strong.

I think I'm getting better. I've come to not worry so much about what people think if I don't reply right away. I use to really worry about this. I didn't want people to feel bad or rejected. But I usually explain that I was busy, and most people seem to accept this.

Though sometimes I wonder if I'm going too far in not caring. Sometimes I take weeks before I call or reply to certain people. I still do worry about what I'm going to say. The longer I wait, the worse the situation becomes because then I have to explain the delay. But some people or situations are just annoying to deal with.

I believe that I need to improve my decision making. Mainly in the area of making quicker decisions. And this depends on becoming clearer in what I value. If I know more clearly what I value and what I'm trying to achieve, then it would seem that the decisions would become easier to make. The path would become clearer.


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    1. Yes, mental training is so important, especially as we move more and more into a digital/online world.


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